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Aero WhatsApp Download – Get Aero Whatsapp and see stories without being found out while read receipts turn on. One can also choose from a bunch of themes and color schemes in order to modify the original look into something more personalized. All of this and more is possible with Aero – the classic WhatsApp mod that has been around for several years now. The main functions of aero inclines with appearance rather than giving users extra options. That is not to say that It lacks in features in anyway. In fact, it is packed with novelties to an extent that makes it easy to recommend to anyone.

If You are looking to use dual WhatsApp accounts in single android phone then you are landed in the right place, Here we are going to provide you one of the famous WhatsApp APK called aero whatsapp built by the same developer of Insta Aero Bozkurt Hazzar.

What Is Aero WhatsApp?

Just like FM WhatsApp, Aero Whatsapp is also an modified version of the official WhatsApp which comes with tons of extra features which the official WhatsApp lacks. Many users download such apps to switch into the amazing UI. Aero WA and other mods comes with lots of amazing themes by which you can easily change the entire look of your WhatsApp Account.

  • The App is called Aero WhatsApp APK or WhatsApp Aero.
  • The sized of the setup is 68 MB.
  • The version name is 9.41.
  • The package is dual clone and unclone.
  • The App is an anti-ban App.

How To Download & Install Aero WhatsApp APK file?

NameWhatsApp Aero
Size 63MB

We have put the official version downloadable with the button mentioned here. The APK file is original and has been fetched directly from the source. Watch out for the other third-parties claiming to be Aero WhatsApp as they won’t be able to provide the support that this already established mod gets.

  • Tapping on the colored button will take you to the download page from where the APK file can be downloaded with a single click.
  • Make sure to have enough space and DATA before downloading the file
  • You can do that by checking “Storage” option in the settings
  • There you will see the overall storage bar showing the actual memory consumed by existing data on your Android device. It will also reflect how much is left of the overall capacity.
  • Make sure that you have enabled the unknown sources from Android’s settings>security

The main thing here is the procedure. Since its a mod, Aero is needed to be installed in a certain manner. Make sure to follow all the steps mentioned here in order to get this working on your Android device. In case you are stuck in anywhere, feel free to comment down bellow.


Aero offers all the standard “High-End” Mod features. This includes a really customizable theme section filled with 100+ custom themes created by developers or users. Speaking of that, the users are also among features of this MOD. Because of its collaborative community in Telegram, the mod is always getting feedbacks and suggestions in order to improve the MOD APK endlessly. Aero ha so far garnered over hundreds of thousands of active users and number is only growing.

Aero gets recognized because of its unique look. But it also has a really distinctive feel to it. This made possible by the scrolling mechanics and animations used in the APK. The developers have carefully concocted the source code of the original WhatsApp and have made it significantly user-friendly by giving it actual advantages. These features are very pragmatic in nature and have been the prime discussing point of the community.

  • You can choose which person can contact you.
  • You can conceal the blue tick, single tick, or double ticks.
  • You can modify the font style.
  • The app allows you to alter the screen of conversation.
  • Emoji alternatives are readily available. Additionally, you can include Facebook Emojis to your conversations.
  • The App comes with an auto-reply feature, which helps you improve communications.
  • It is possible to schedule messages to improve efficiency.
  • You can also add Instagram-style Stories to the status.
  • The App includes an expanded limit on image sharing. This is up to 10 images in one email.
  • The limit for video is extended, allowing the upload of videos up 100 MB.
  • The app comes with Titanium backup capabilities that backs up your data on a regular basis.
  • The App permits users to shut off internet access by turning it off, also known as DND mode.
  • You are able to disable or enable your proximity sensor.
  • You can change the earpiece’s output to speaker output, and reverse.
  • Send high-quality, photos with full resolution.
  • It is possible to set an app password. Additionally, there is another feature that is related to it, that is a security query.
  • You can block all media from the gallery. This means that you are able to protect your private photos video, gifs, and videos.
  • The settings UI differs from the App’s original UI.
  • You can disable forward messages.
  • You can add anti-delete options to messages and statuses.


From the feature list, it is easy to see why Aero has gotten so popular. The well-distinguished design helps but the functions themselves are enough of a reason to switch. The original WhatsApp does not provide any additional features apart from facilitating standard messaging and media transfer. It is good for its server and user-base. You can find anyone on it as almost all smartphone users use it. But there always has been a substantial demand for many extra features that WhatsApp have simply refused to add.

These demands are getting answered by the WhatsApp Mods like Aero WhatsApp. It is because that mods are getting real traction in the internet. Many who’ve been using the normal WhatsApp are now switching to the Modded variants seeking their desired features. Aero has proven out be an A+ in our in-house testing.

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