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Get the latest version of AZWhatsApp with all its extra features. Look at stories without others getting to find out while keeping the read receipt on. Does that Pique your interest ? If it does, then AZWhatsApp is a great WhatsApp alternative for you. It provides the basic messaging service same as the original WhatsApp but it also provide a dozen other functions that are not available inherently on normal WhatsApp. Also check FMWhatsApp & GBWhatsApp

AZ is another great MOD that curated with the intention to serve users who demands more. The downright look itself projects a sense of “fast pace-ness” and one can clearly sense it on firing up the MOD. Just like other successful WhatsApp MODS, the great thing about it is that how much it is made up by the feedback of its community members. All the features mentioned here are tried and verified by our team and we have maintained high standards while reviewing it. AZ Whatsapp gives you better messaging, sharing and browsing experience. The color schemes and font choices are endless that allows you converse with elegance.

AZ WhatsApp APK Download Latest Version

Use the link mentioned bellow in order to commence installation. You will need to have some vacant space left on your device in order for this to work. File is sized similar to the base variant. In any case, if you see a prompt warning for lack of space, clean up your device and then download the APK file mentioned. Apart from that, you will also have to make sure that the external installation is enabled on your Android device.

How To Install AZWA APK File

Last Update1 Day Ago

  • Download the Binary APK file by tapping on that download button.
  • We have provided fast servers and enabled one-click downloads to clear up any friction
  • Make sure you have enough space on your device before downloading the file
  • In case you have les space, the system will opt you with an option to clear up some
  • Once that is sorted, download process can commence
  • After done, tap on the APK file. This will trigger package installer to start installation
  • Now, you will be prompted to give certain permissions to the application.
  • These permission are the standard ones that the original WhatsApp asks. They include, access to contacts, storage, data and location.
  • All of them are necessary in order for the mod to work. You can read them individually and then allow them one-by-one.
  • Once that is done, Installation will be done and you will observe the launcher to appear on your homescreen
  • You can use this launcher to open AZ WhatsApp

Incase you face error “Unknown Source” then don’t worry. It only means that you have not enabled installation from unknown sources (about which, we touched on earlier). This setting is inherently set to “Unchecked” or disabled to prevent any harmful installations. It is a good practice to keep it on default as it will only increase the security of your device. But in order to install az whatsapp or any other MOD for that matter, you will need to change this setting as the APK file is out side the play store. Due to the strong community and reputed developers behind the project, we can turn the setting off by following the procedure here.

Depending on your device, the location of this setting will vary. But in case you have a search bar within your settings menu, you can search for “Unknown sources”. This will fetch out the option buried deep and will let you change it with a single tap. Make sure to check or enable installation from Unknown sources in order for installation to continue. Chances of this setting to disabled already are high in case you have had your device for a while. It is this way because you might have already installed something in the past that could have made you change that setting.

The file provided is binary in nature and can be used multiple times in from device to device. Make sure to follow the instructions as mentioned in order to make sure that the installation gets completed properly.

AZ WhatsApp APK Features:

There are a lot of addons and functionalities in AZWhatsApp that you cannot get in the default version. Mainly speaking, these features are directed to enhance your overall messaging experience. They also provide you with much more options and choices – more on that later.

  • With built-in server to download customized themes with more than 3000 unique themes
  • Send video files larger than 50 MB
  • Users stories can be downloaded on your internal storage
  • With no Root required you can use tow whatsapp account son one device
  • Azwhatsapp allows you to schedule your messages
  • Anti-delete for messages feature : This is a key component. The same functionality is being offered by other third-party PAID apps  that requires you to restart the application once in every now and then. AZ gives you this function inherently, without the need install and manage any other application.
  • Effectively, hide last seen, blue ticks and second ticks
  • Translate your chat conversations
  • Stylize blue with different color as you prefer
  • Expand your status with more than 250 characters
  • Audio delivery can be blocked on this AZwhatsapp Version

As per the extensiveness of the list, its clear that overall the features of az whatsapp are in line with more traditional mods like OG and GB. The particularly interesting part is that the privacy features are actually better than that of normal mods. This comes as a surprise, especially when the low-key user base is considered.


Our team has analyzed all the intricate parts and features of AZ WhatsApp during the days of its testing. In conclusion, the team deems it as “Very Good” and a great alternative to usual mods. From design and colors to “Feel” and user experience, everything works flawlessly and gives you that power-packed messaging experience. For people who are into sharing huge files and talk to a group of people for work related tasks and wants to do that with less constraints, AZWhatsApp is a wise choice.

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