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FMWhatsApp APK Download : Updated version of FMWA is available here to download. You can hide last seen, undelete chats and customize the entire theme in your WhatsApp. This MOD is based on the base version and allows messaging and file sharing like never before. You can send files over 700 MBs and can create groups larger than normal size. The entire list of features are quite long but we managed to fit all of them in here for those interested. All the basic features of original app are still here but are now complemented by a whole array of new extra addons that lets users have a better overall experience.

FM WhatsApp – Best modded WhatsApp with a large no. of impressive features. You can hide your last seen, second tick, blue tick, and even your online status. It has very cool customization mods with daily theme updates using which you can customize your Whatsapp the way you like to. If you are bored with that old Whatsapp, then FM Whatsapp is the best & safest option for you. You will get many opinions but believe me, fmwa is a lot better than other mods. FM WhatsApp is the oldest but the best Whatsapp mod ever and still gets regularly updated along with the stock WhatsApp. You can also use it along with the stock version as a dual Whatsapp single device.

FMWhatsApp Apk Download Latest Version For Android

App NameFM WhatsApp
Category Communication
Version 10.10
Last Update1 day ago

FMWhatsApp runs on state of the art engine developed by the core WhatsApp community which is Wholly owned by Meta. The entire team dedicated to this project works day and night to ensure a frictionless messaging experience along with cutting edge privacy. Being an integral part of the biggest social media conglomerate also ensures top of the line source code. FMWhatsApp  takes advantage of all of these functionalities and feature sets making it one of the best WhatsApp Mod APKs out there.

There are many WhatsApp mods, such as YoWhatsApp, GBWhatsApp and others, available online. FM is among the highest sought for. It has been around since many years and has been a classic MOD of our generation. Most of its features have come into existence due to a collaborative effort by the developers as well as the community. Several big and active Telegram groups are dedicated to provide feedback and suggestions to keep improving the application.

What’s news in 10.10

A change log is a piece of text that contains all new features/subtractions that might have happened in an update. Here we have provided with the Log that have come out from the latest Update. This will keep changing as soon as new variants come out. Most of the changes and fixes you see here are a result of user complaints and feedbacks. In case you also feel a need for a change in your usage, feel free to let the developers know through the official Telegram Channel of FMWhatsApp.

Exclusive: Custom Double Tap emoji for every chat (Chat > 3-dots)

  • Added: Show notification for blocked calls due to calls privacy
  • Added: Option to disable Double Tap to Like
  • Added: Admin Indicator in groups
  • Added: Custom Background Color for Text Status
  • Added: Custom Text Color for Text Status
  • Added: New way to show updates (BETA)
  • Fixed: Top bar disappearing in stock UI
  • Fixed: Voice/Video icon color in calls screen
  • Fixed: some Arabic translation spellings
  • Improved: “Who can call me” settings. Deny options now auto disabled when set to “everyone”
  • Improved: Show “chats” instead of “whatsapp” in one ui header
  • Misc Many other fixes and improvements

FM WhatsApp Apk (What’s Special?)

Every Mod has its own twist that caters to a specific audience. FMWA is one of those that has happened to match the taste of hundreds of thousands of its loyal users. These users, in their usage, observe and raise their queries and complaints which in turn keep making the new updates more likable to their taste. So one could conclude that just like most of successful applications, the special thing about YOWA is its users.

Features Of FMWhatsApp Apk

All the features mentioned here have been verified by us in out testing. A team of testers opted to switch to FM for an entire week in order to determine its stability in practical usage. In all of out testing, FM worked flawlessly and showed little to no lag. It also provided additional functionalities that came in handy in many instances.

  • New Notify Icons
  • Added DND Mode
  • Added Auto Reply
  • Bug Fixes & Tweaks
  • Added New Emojis
  • Anti-Revoke Added
  • New Launcher Icons
  • Added New Themes
  • New Ticks & Bubbles
  • Added German Language
  • Ability to Copy Text Status
  • Emoji & GIF Search Added
  • Send 100 Documents Once
  • Custom Anti Revoke Added
  • Image | Video Filters Added
  • Multiple Contacts Scheduler
  • Live Location Sharing Added
  • Send Text Broadcast to Groups
  • Advance Storage Management
  • Revoke Multiple Message Once
  • Fixed Maps in sending Location
  • Increase Status Video Limit Mod
  • Base Updated To Latest (Play Store)
  • Much More ! Refer to the Changelog

The Changelog mentioned earlier have been fetched directly from the developers. It contains the new features that have not personally been tested by us yet, so we cannot include them here. Feel free to go through that for the time being. We will add all those features here, if we find them stable in our next testing of this MOD.

How To Install FMWhatsApp On Android

Well if you have the similar question in your head. Then do not worry, we have got your back. However, before I talk about the steps you need to make sure that your smartphone supports the installation of apps from unknown sources. To enable the option you can follow these steps:

  • First of go to the settings of your smartphone.
  • After that head into the Additional settings tab.
  • From here go to the privacy settings.
  • Now over here you will get to see an option that says “Allow Installation of Apps from unknown sources. Simply enable the feature and you are good to go.

How to use FM WhatsApp Apk?

First of all, before you start using the FMWA you need to ask yourself if you are going to use GBWA as your primary whatsapp or you are going to use it as a secondary one. If you are going to use it as the secondary app, then there is nothing to worry just launch the app and sign up with a new number and you are done.

Android Permissions Required To Use This App

  • Access Internet
  • Use Microphone
  • Storage Access
  • Use Microphone
  • Use Camera
  • Location Access
  • Manage Contacts
  • Bluetooth Access
  • Manage Messages
  • Vibration Access
  • Manage Background Tasks

Final Verdict

As WhatsApp is very popular with the smartphone users, WhatsApp Mods are also gaining popularity as they provide better features than the official WhatsApp itself. FMWhatsApp is the most popular and safest available among them. You can download the latest fmwhatsapp apk from the direct download link provided. Once you use and try FMWhatsApp 10.06 and after experiencing its amazing features & mods, you will never return to the stock one. So without wasting time download & install whatsapp fm apk. If you are already using it, please share your experience and for any queries feel free to use the comment section below.

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