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Fouad WhatsApp Download : The latest version of Fouad WhatsApp is available here to download. Features like – hide online status, Check story without letting others find out and while keeping the read receipts on is just a smidgen of what this application has to offer. Because of its unique design and a myriad of extra features, Fouad ranks high on our MOD list. From time to time, we check MODS to determine their position in the MOD hierarchy and Fouad has been a stable contender in that list.

Built by Fouad Mokdad, this mod has gathered substantial attention during its 7 year tenure. Since its beginnings, the user base has continued to grow and is still not loosing the pace. More and people are getting aware of MODs these days. The reason behind that becomes clear when we look at the extra features that they offer. We will be extensively looking at the functions that can be performed with this MOD.


The basic functions of normal WhatsApp are still available like messaging etc. The main extra set of features includes the availability to a much more varied theme store, more color schemes, extra gestures, customized messaging and much more. In the early days of Fouad only a fraction of these features were available. But they were still way more than the original of that time offered. That was the reason why people started flocking up to Fouad and made it as popular as it is today.

  • Bar for playing voice memos
  • Forward color icon
  • Forward the color back
  • Color of Participants
  • Call blockers
  • White navigation bar for Android version 8.0 +
  • YoThemes store design
  • Save Themes automatically creates a ZIP file
  • Set wallpapers on the home screen
  • Ability to place an image next to bubbles
  • The image on external/internal calls
  • The image within/within the group
  • The photos you see in the white status bar have been cropped
  • Delete messages against
  • Disable forward labeling
  • Hidden media gallery
  • Theme is not appropriate for upload
  • WhatsApp is the wrong size on some phones
  • FAB will move right to RTL
  • Preview before applying the input style
  • Color Underline tab selected
  • Line color between calls on the main screen
  • Date message color on the home screen
  • Date color on the main screen
  • Name the color on the home screen
  • Document text color on the chat screen
  • Name the color on the chat screen
  • Color button for playing voice memos
  • Translated from Brazilian to Portuguese
  • Duplicate new conversation
  • The nickname is not colored in the group photos
  • The text size of the messages does not apply in Arabic
  • Prevent WhatsApp from blocking with a YoWidget trick
  • Version 8.0+ does not show color options
  • Yowidget is not displayed correctly in Arabic

Most of the features mentioned are a result of feedback given by the community to the developers throughout the years. Like OGWhatsApp, Fouad also has Telegram Group where people collaborate with the developers by providing them important feedbacks and suggestions. It is also the reason why most bugs gets fixed right away – a thing that is impossible with the normal WhatsApp.

Download Fouad WhatsApp APK

NameFouad WhatsApp
Official Version10.10
Updated1 Day Ago
Website APF

Get the APK file from the button over here and follow the installation process in order to get it work on your Android device. The APK file provided is binary in nature and can be used after installation as well in case the app gets uninstalled. However, we would recommend that you check for updates before re-installing.

  • Download the APK file mentioned by tapping on the button
  • Make sure that you have enough space before commencing the download process
  • In case you lack space, the device itself will show an error and prompt you to clean up some space
  • If in case you face this issue, clean up and then try to download once again
  • Once the download completes, tap on the APK file in order to initiate the installation process.
  • Now, the package installer present in your device will ask you for some permissions. Go through each of them and allow all to make sure that the app works properly
  • Once you follow all the steps mentioned, you will observe that a new icon is visible on your home screen from which you can launch fouad.

After installation is done, make sure to bookmark this page as we will be the first to provide links in case an update comes out. And updates are really necessary in order to keep any WhatsApp variant running. In case you do not update for a while, your application cease to work. These limitations are imposed by the official variant and since Fouad is based on the Original variant, it has to abide by these restrictions as well. Other mods have tried to get around by this barrier by using a parallel network. But that too is not feasible if the user base gets too big for their private servers to handle.

Is Fouad The best MOD ?

Short answer – It has all the features that you expect from a state of the art WhatsApp MOD.

Detailed Answer – After a certain level, it comes down to personal preferences in order to determine what is best. Mods like GB,FM and Fouad are way past that level. This is the reason why each mod user swears by it. The fact that the developer for all These mods also helps this notion. The main thing you need to know is that every MOD is worth trying. There is a bit of something in each of them that gives them an edge in their own way. Also have a look at JTWhatsApp & Yo WhatsApp!

APP Screenshots


Fouad is actually a great MOD and can recommended freely to anyone because it has a very reliable team with a clean track record. Features like the ability to use the functions that get by turning read receipts off without actually turning it off is something extraordinary. If most people actually start using Fouad, they won’t be switching back. Right now, it is a community of really passionate power users who desire higher functionality than that of the normal WhatsApp.

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