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GBWhatsApp DELTA Download : DELTA GB is an Advanced WhatsApp MOD that is packed with additional features like – Hide your last seen and still see other person’s. These features are designed to cater the needs of Power users who have a high need for fast pace messaging with less limits. While normal WhatsApp addresses this requirement, it does so with many constraints. Since more features require more effort for stability, the original developers behind WhatsApp do not take such high risks. It is because of that, a hole is created in the market. There are a huge number of users who desire most of their messaging experience but are unable to do that. Mods like Delta GB WhatsApp are the product of such demands.

At first glance, the name looks familiar. It is because GBWhatsApp is an already well-established MOD circulating on the internet. Delta, however, is an attempt on taking it one step further. It is known for its unique features that are too rare in even the most known mods. As explained earlier, the rarer the feature, the harder is it to keep it stable. DELTA WhatsApp takes such risks in order to fill the even more niche hole in the market.

GBWhatsApp Delta APK Download

Name GBWhatsApp Delta
Developer Begal Developers (DELTA LAB STUDIOS)
Last UpdatedToday

We have provided links with multiple servers in order to facilitate the APK download for GBWhatsApp Delta. All the links are working and in case your download feels slow, feel free to switch. The button mentioned in this page will take you the Download page of Delta where multiple options are available to choose.

  • Download the APK file from the links mentioned and once done, follow the steps mentioned here.

Note : If in case while downloading you see a prompt saying “Storage Is Full” then it means more space is needed on your device. To counter this, you can either, simply tap on the prompt to get redirected to your file manager where you can delete unwanted files in order to make space. Apart from this, you can check the storage beforehand to avoid getting the prompt altogether. Go to the settings app – Storage and check the available space. If the space is less than, say, 100Mbs – Delete large unwanted files. Alternatively, you can use the Google Files App that can give the less frequently used files in order to help you delete low priority data.

How To Download And Install GBWA Delta APK?

  • Once downloaded, tap on the APK file in order to get the package installer working
  • This is an inherent mechanism present in your device and is free from the need of any third-party assistance
  • Once package installer is at play, it will direct you in order to get GBWhatsApp Delta Installed
  • You will get prompted to allow certain permissions in order to continue
  • These permissions are the basic ones that even normal WhatsApp will ask you of

Note : These permissions will include functions like – Camera, Storage, Microphone, Location, Contacts, Fingerprint (For Locking), Data, etc.

  • After allowing for all of the permissions, the package installer will continue the installation process and will let you know once done.
  • Upon completion, a new icon will appear on your Homescreen that can be used to fire up Delta Whatsapp.
  • The set up process is same as usual. You set your name, Profile pic and then you can import your old WhatsApp database to GBWHatsApp Delta.

All the steps mentioned are crucial for a clean installation. In case you face any issues while this process, make sure to take a screenshot of it and let us know. Overall, the process is pretty straightforward and can be done by a novice. Keep in mind that the “Unknown Installations” should be enabled in your Android device otherwise the installation won’t start at all. This setting is unchecked by default as it increases the safety of the device. It Prevents Applications from outside the play store to be installed. It is a good measure but since Delta WhatsApp is an APK file, you will have to enable the unknown installations. You can do this by going into settings and searching for the option. Once its brought up, Make sure to check it.


All the features mentioned here are tested and tried by out team of testers for a week. We can verify the use case for all of them except a few gimmicky ones. Overall Delta WhatsApp is great for messaging in general. You can handle multiple chats in one screen due to its neatly designed chat bubbles. It also has a higher caliber for file sharing. Upto 1 gigs of files can be shared at one go, with no limits apart from that whatsoever.

  • Call Blocker: It allows a user to block calls without letting the opposite user know that you blocked them. You can toggle between to show ring or not.
  • Stickers: Install any Stickers App from Play Store and use those in DELTA GB Chats.
  • WhatsApp Lock: Lock WhatsApp using Password or other options.
  • Send original images without any compression.
  • Auto Reply and Message Scheduler.
  • Hide online status. If you don’t want anyone to know you’re online? This mod allows you to hide online status, especially if you don’t want to be bombarded by messages.
  • Hide the blue checkmark. A blue tap on WhatsApp often indicates that you have read your contact message. Sometimes we don’t intentionally open the message and don’t check it, which causes communication problems.
  • GBWhatsApp DelTA allows you to hide your blue flag so you are not forced to respond right away.
  • Hide message. Have you thought too much about an answer? We’re sure you’ll be embarrassed by written notifications as you go back and forth with that answer.
  • Submit larger video files. The official version of WhatsApp allows you to send up to 16 MB. This mod allows you to send larger video files up to 50MB.
  • This mod allows you to hide your written notification to always give the perfect answer.
  • Hide the recording notification. Hide the recording notification to slow down the recording process.
  • Call the block. This is one of the prominent privacy features of this mod. This feature allows you to block calls from selected contacts.
  • Alternatively, you can also delete incoming calling messages from the blocked contact.
  • Do not disturb mode. Try not to confuse yourself? Activate Do Not Disturb mode by finding it in the security settings with one click.
  • Joint locks. Want to prevent your messages from being viewed? This feature allows you to lock and unlock the app with a specified password
  • In addition to personalization and privacy features, GBWhatsApp Delta APK offers many other features for you to enjoy.
  • Upload larger audio files. Unlike the official version, you can now send audio files up to 100 MB.

These features can come really handy if you are one of those power users who crave for such horsepower. GB WhatsApp Delta is optimal for  advanced fast pace conversations as well as group chats. It comes as a no surprise that it already has garnered a substantial userbase within the few years of its existence.


GB Delta is an acceptable level in MOD hierarchy. This claim is supported by the sheer variety of features it offers. It is a good app for the average joe and a great one someone really savvy with social connectedness. It cannot compete well with the likes of vanilla GB or FM yet. The reason for that is the userbase those two well-established mod is considerably larger. This is really good for determining the poetential tenure of those MODS. Since GB Delta is new, it lacks in the size of its community, but is on pace on reaching the highs necessary for being a top level MOD.


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