NSWhatsApp 3D

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Download NSWhatsApp APK From the link mentioned bellow and start using the App right away. It is a modified version of the original application that lets you have more features and functionalities on top of the basic ones. WhatsApp on its own is good enough for the usual messaging tasks. But it cannot serve users who want to have more functions. It has file size limits, limited options and virtually no customization options. Mods like NSWhatsApp liberates users from such restrictions.

Download NSWhatsApp.

NameNSWhatsApp 3D
Required Android 4.1 & Above
Last Updated 1 Day Ago

As per the features mentioned in the first para, its pretty clear that this version of the application really does the tasks its thrown at. We want you to be the judge of it ! Go ahead and Download via the button mentioned bellow and get going with your MOD experience. You might have had a bit of usage experience with other MODS like JTWhatsapp, but due to its unique set of features, NSWhatsApp will definitely surprise you.

Make sure you have enough space on your device before downloading. This will also get confirmed once you click on the button as your Android device will automatically tell in case you lack any storage. Apart from that, you will also have to allow external installations through the phone settings. This is an option which is set to “No” by default. The reason behind this is to prevent any installations that are outside the realm of Play Store Apps.

How To Install NS WhatsApp Latest APK

  • Download the APK file by clicking the button
  • Make sure you have enough space before downloading, although your device will automatically object if there is not enough space left.
  • Once downloaded, initiate the installation buy tapping on the APK.
  • If you have external installations disabled, the system will ask you to enable as the installation process cannot go any further without it.
  • After successfully installing the Mod, you will get a launcher on Home screen that will let you access nswhatsapp from your device.

It is a sensible implementation that minimalizes risk of installing untrustworthy applications on your Android phones. But since developers of NSWhatsApp and all other major MODS are publicly known, they posses less chances of creating harmful applications. Because of this, you can disable the setting and move ahead with the installation.

Features of NSWhatsApp

The main reason to choose a mod over the original application is the extra features added by developer. If that element is not in the equation, the necessity of a mod does not make sense. Which is why a mod has to worthy enough that people get to know about it and install it. If it is not at that level, it can never grasp attention of users that are already using the original variant with ease.

  • Make a group call from the calls screen
  • Improved emojis
  • Unicode 11.0 Emoticons.
  • Anti-Ban feature
  • Supports calls
  • Hide your “last seen today” details
  • Improved security features
  • Supports themes
  • Do not disturb mode
  • Auto-reply function
  • Translate messages into various dialects
  • Message scheduler function
  • Send recordings of over 50MB compared to the 16MB in the original version of the app
  • Send over 90 pictures immediately
  • Change your status and include 250 characters compared to the original app’s 139 characters
  • New admin options for WhatsApp groups
  • New check styles, conversation bubbles, notification boards, icons, and more
  • New capacity for noting group messages secretly
  • Gathering key for group calls and video calls
  • Review connections and content when forwarding to different chats immediately
  • Add stickers to top picks from the rundown of ongoing articles.
  • Picture in picture mode for YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and others
  • Other minor upgrades and bug fixes

The official rundown of NSWhatsApp 3D messages is as per the following:

  • [Added] New emoticons
  • [Added] Call members in groups
  • [Added] Private reply from the group (select any message in the group – open alternatives – private reply)
  • [Fixed] Lock while looking in points
  • [Fixed] Add stickers from Google Paly
  • [Fixed] Does not open another chat
  • Numerous upgrades

This list of upgrades and features are imported from the official telegram group created and managed by the developers. The group consists of all the loyal users of NS WhatsApp and it is filled with resources pertaining to this mod. You can also use it to address any issue you face while operating the mod and there are high chances that a developer will reply to your query. The entire community act as testers and provide feedbacks to the developers that in turn lead to more improvement of the application.

The changelog you see is the result of constant feedback provided by the users. Having an interactive platform just to provide tech support is something the original version could never do. This is also a reason why Modded apps gets preferred by users. Such changelogs are released with each update and can in this page as well as official Telegram channel of nshwatsapp. The developer has modded other apps as well apart from WhatsApp, which can be accessed through the channel.

So the feature list says it pretty clear. NS WhatsApp is an absolutely packed mod Application that lets users experience what they could never in the normal WhatsApp version. It because of that, we expect people to choose such mods over the normal version. All the instructions for downloaded have already been mentioned here. In case you have any doubts while following them, kindly comment down bellow. If you are getting an error message, make sure to type it correctly so that we can learn what is going on exactly.


Power users demand more features and less restrictions. WhatsApp has gained a reputation in delaying highly asked features. It was months after mods released video calling that WhatsApp released it officially. It is very strange that a mod did video calling before the original app itself. It goes to show that the company tends to eventually catch up with the demands but it takes significant time. And for those who do not like to wait, Mods are a great alternative. You can also download ns whatsapp in order to experience a whole bunch of anticipated features that are yet to arrive in the original application.

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